Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Digital fences

I find it vaguely depressing that so many PR agencies have set up (and continue to make good revenue from) separate digital divisions. While obviously its good news that PR agencies are making money off digital arms, is it really the best approach for their clients?

I strongly believe that every person in every agency should understand ‘digital’ – social networks, blogs, how to bookmark, feeds, vid/vodcasts etc etc – but surely you can’t create boundaries between them and other media. These days, we can access our newspaper, TV, radio and online content through a single device – our PC. TV and radio can be streamed over Internet, or downloadable to view later; online and offline media have their own blogs, twitters and social media pages. Everything is linked to everything else.

So how can you possibly create a unified approach to converged media if you separate your digital experts from other divisions?

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