Monday, 17 August 2009

Some great links over the last 2 weeks

I’ve been shockingly bad at keeping my blog up to date. Despite advising the odd client on how and when to blog I’ve failed to do it myself. Cobbler’s children…

But I’m back from a break in Cornwall where (too much) fine food and wine softened the blow of hitting 40, and am full of resolve to do better.

The first thing I do when I get back from holiday, after going through a ridiculous number of emails is scan Google Reader. These are my favourites from the last couple of weeks:

Chris Brogan on how to manage Twitter – a great post that will be really useful for clients starting out on Twitter.

On the subject of Twitter, Immediate Future has an interesting interview with Guy Stevens of Carphone Warehouse on how CW uses Twitter for customer service.

Brendan Cooper on words that should be banned (I can bore for Britain on this subject, so I’ll just direct you to the link).

Tia Fisher at eModeration analysing a report from ENGAGEMENTdb on how the world’s most valuable brands engage with consumers and the impact of doing so. (I should say here that eModeration is a client. I'd read its blog even if it wasn't.)

Sally Whittle on protecting yourself (and your fee) from misunderstandings about what was agreed at the start of the project. Very sound advice.

All Will Sturgeon's posts, but especially this one on our new dance minister.

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