Thursday, 9 April 2009

10 people not to follow on Twitter.

I'm marginally addicted to Twitter, but there are some scary people on there. In the interest of public safety, here's my personal list of the kind of people never to follow, or be followed by, on Twitter.

I’ve tweeted one or two of these, so apologies if a couple are familiar. I’m pretty sure it will lose me a few followers, too. Hey ho.

  1. Anyone with ‘killer’ in their user name, or murderous background pictures. Self-explanatory.
  2. Anyone who takes an unnatural interest in the health of my love life. Get your own.
  3. Anyone who says they’re passionate about life. You’re going to be way too happy for my liking.
  4. Anyone who has more than one exclamation mark in their Twitter biog. See above.
  5. Anyone who auto-DMs the message “I can help you make money online!!” (and see 4, above.)
  6. Anyone who claims to have psychic powers.
  7. Anyone who only tweets quotes from dead people.
  8. Anyone who wants to ‘initiate you in the ways of Christ’. Or any other religious figure. Trust me, you’d have your job cut out.
  9. Obvious spammers (10,000 following, 2 followers, 1 update).
  10. Anyone who claims to be ‘a really cool / crazy guy’.

Anything I’ve missed?


Gem said...

11. Anyone who wants to sell me new age medicine, or any medicine come to thing of it.
12. Public speakers that make themselves sound like the second coming
13. Anyone that has a system which publishes a full days tweets within the space of 1 minute.

Kate Hartley said...

Good points, I'd forgotten about the medicine people.

Sally said...

I particularly like number 3. So much I'm considering having it printed on a t-shirt, so I can alternate wearing it with my: "I don't even want to know one random thing about you" t-shirt.

Kate Hartley said...

So true. And "If I cared about you, I'd already know that stuff."

Paul Stallard said...

Number 10 is the one which instantly stops me from following someone. I generally translate crazy guy as idiot.